South Carolina Lineman Rodeo

The 3rd annual South Carolina Lineman’s Rodeo was held March 24-25, 2023, in Ridgeland, South Carolina, at Palmetto Electric Cooperative.

See results of the competitions below:

2023 Apprentice Division Results

2023 Journeyman Division Results

2023 Results for All Competitors

The Lineman's Rodeo is open to all electric cooperative linemen currently working for one of the 18 South Carolina based cooperatives that are members of the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc. These linemen will demonstrate their trade skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere, seeking bragging rights amongst their peers at this competition.


Apprentice Division
Master Judge:  Jason Derrick (Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative)
Hurtman Rescue – Chief Judge:  Keith Dubose (Palmetto Electric Cooperative)
Dead Insulator Changeout – Chief Judge:  Garrett Felker (Newberry Electric Cooperative)
Insulator Replacement & Conductor Tie-In – Chief Judge:  Tommy Reames (Laurens Electric Cooperative)
Secondary Cable Replacement in Conduit – Chief Judge:  Phillip Chapman (Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative)
Mystery Event – Chief Judge:  TBD

Apprentice Events

Journeyman Division
Master Judge:  Kevin Mizzell (Berkeley Electric Cooperative)
Cutout & Arrestor Changeout – Chief Judge: Patrick Gailey (Berkeley Electric Cooperative)
Double Crossarm Changeout – Chief Judge:  Shannon Littleton (York Electric Cooperative)
GFC Relay – Chief Judge:  Sean Brown (Horry Electric Cooperative)
Digger Derrick Obstacle Course – Chief Judge:  Chad Stone (Little River Electric Cooperative)
Mystery Event – Chief Judge:  TBD

Journeyman Events

Our Mission 

The mission of the South Carolina Lineman’s Rodeo is to inspire a culture of safety with a focus on training while encouraging an atmosphere of competition and community among the brotherhood of South Carolina’s electric cooperative linemen. 

Rules of Eligibility

The South Carolina Lineman’s Rodeo is being held to recognize the profession of line work, as well as demonstrate the safety, skill, and education of these extraordinary men and women who, through their efforts, help provide the valuable luxury we call electricity.  Only active South Carolina electric cooperative linemen will be able to compete in this event.  Individuals who serve on the judging committee will not be allowed to compete in the Lineman’s Rodeo.