Chief Judge: Patrick Gailey

Event Time:  6:00

Drop Dead Time: 8:00

Event Summary: This is a simulated energized event at 15kv. Teams will replace one 15kV, 100-amp cutout unit and a lightning arrestor. The construction is single phase, A6.21 (A8) framing (1/0 ACSR), with a fiberglass “T” bracket under the phase for the cutout and arrestor.

Event Rules:

  1. Each team has 5 minutes of setup time.  During this time, each team may direct event related questions to the event judge.
  2. Time starts on the judge’s signal.
  3. The wood pole fall restriction device can be adjusted to the pole & attached to the climbers belt.  The climber shall have both feet on the ground before time starts to begin the event.
  4. All tools and cover-up must be kept off the ground utilizing the supplied tarp in the designated work area.
  5. Fuse and jumpers will be installed on the new cutout after event time begins.
  6. Minimum approach distances shall be maintained.
  7. Electric continuity shall be maintained at all times. Mechanical jumpers shall be installed with hot sticks and control maintained at all times. Incidental contact with unprotected mechanical jumpers will result in a 10-point deduction.
  8. Each team is required to lift/lower all required materials via the handline and/or grunt bag.
  9. All permanent connections shall be brushed.
  10. Time stops when the task is complete & the climbers have both feet safely on the ground.
  11. Judging will continue until the event site is restored to the original condition.
  12. All SCLR general rules apply.