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Senators Scott, Graham address race relations with students

Senators Tim Scott (R) and Lindsey Graham (R) spent time with students from across South Carolina as part of the Virtual Youth Experience on Wednesday.

Scott, one of only three African Americans in the U.S. Senate, took a quesQon from Emily Rabon, a rising senior at Aynor High School, regarding the removal of Confederate monuments across the nation.

“I think we should be very careful of our strong desire to purge all reminders of how evil the heart can be,” said Scott. “I think instead of tearing down statues, I’d like to see more statues of people other than Martin Luther King, Jr.—who happened to be African American. I’d love to see statues of Rosa Park, Booker T. Washington and Washington Carver. There are so many people in the African American community who we know so litte about.”

Sen. Graham also took a question from Lando Leyva, a student from Hilton Head Island High School, about the issue of race and policing.

“We’ve got to admit we have a problem in policing,” said Graham. “I think most cops are great, but we need to change our system to reinforce the idea that police officers need to look more like the communities they police. We need more minority officers, we need beIer training and we have to impress upon cops that deadly force is available, but it should be your last resort.”

A total of 79 students—all rising high school juniors or seniors—are partcipating in the Virtual Youth Experience. These students represent 19 electric cooperatives across South Carolina.

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