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January 13, 2011

Help My House savings
Linda Butler, a Tri-County Electric Cooperative member and one of the seven grand prize winners in the 2009 Help My House home energy efficiency makeover contest, has enjoyed having a good bit more spending money in her pocket this year as a result of the energy-efficiency improvements that were made to her home.

In the eight months since the renovations were completed, Butler’s electricity bills have dropped by an average of 73 percent compared to years past. She has used a mere 7,379 kilowatt-hours of electricity, compared with 26,495 kilowatt-hours for the same period the year before. This equates to a savings of $1,711.11, or an average of $213.89 per month.

While Butler’s savings are the most dramatic, all of the winners have substantially lowered their electricity use and monthly bills. Combined savings to date for all seven houses: 33,016 kilowatt-hours and $4,296.29.

For more on the improvements made through Help My House and ways to boost the efficiency of your home, see “Stop Leaking Cash,” from the January 2010 issue of South Carolina Living magazine —Tom Ruff

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