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About Touchstone Energy

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

Many of South Carolina's electric cooperatives are connected throughout the nation thanks toTouchstone Energy Cooperatives ® , an alliance of consumer-owned electric cooperatives serving more than 22 million consumer-owned American homes and businesses in 44 states. Touchstone Energy cooperatives are noted for their commitment to community, for providing high standards of service for large and small businesses and for putting the power of human connections to work every day.

Your cooperative's emphasis on the core values of accountability, integrity, innovation and community commitment sets them apart from other kinds of electricity providers in ways that not only add value to their service but also helps to build enduring relationships with each and every customer. Doing right by people, dealing with people openly and honestly, being courteous and professional...that's true accountability.

To your cooperative, integrity means behaving toward others as we would have them behave toward us. It's always being open to a good suggestions and willing to admit to a mistake...and never building walls of policy between customers and the cooperative they own.

There's more to being a cooperative than providing electricity, which means there's more to innovation than acquiring new technology. Your cooperative's policies, programs and products are all the result of listening closely to what members tell us they need and then finding innovative ways to meet those needs.

Your cooperative exhibits commitment to community in thought, word and deed. Every day, cooperative people are leading the charge for wholesome economic development in our state to ensure the future prosperity of our local economy and to generate good jobs for our people.


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