Together, we operate the largest electric distribution system in the state. More than 1.5 million South Carolinians in all 46 counties use electricity from electric cooperatives. 



Electric Cooperatives in South Carolina
  • 1.5 million South Carolinians in all 46 counties use power delivered by 20 electric distribution cooperatives
  • Electric cooperatives build and maintain the state's largest power distribution system with more than 70,000 miles of power line covering 70 percent of the state.
  • Electric cooperatives are private, independent, not-for-profit electric utility businesses owned by their members — the consumers they serve.
  • Electric cooperatives provide at-cost, reliable electric service
  • Electric cooperatives are governed by their own boards of directors, elected by the members
  • Electric cooperatives contribute $1.4 billion per year to South Carolina’s economy

Calendar of Events

  1. Sep

    The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc., will be closed in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

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