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Robert D. Bennett Community Service Scholarship

Welcome to the 2018 Robert D. Bennett Community Service Scholarship Appication.  The scholarship, which will be awarded to one student attending either the Washington Youth Tour or Cooperative Youth Summit, is worth $5,000.  It is named for Robert D. Bennett, the first general manager and executive vice president of The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, Inc.  Mr. Bennett, who led the state association from 1950 until his retirement in 1980, strongly believed that electric cooperatives should support their local communities—providing a better quality of life for their members.  His spirit of community service is reflected in this scholarship opportunity.

The student who best exemplifies the cooperative principle of "concern for the community" will be awarded the $5,000 scholarship.

Applying for the scholarship is voluntary.  Applicants will identify, plan, perform and evaluate a community service project that directly benefits their local area.  Only completed projects will be considered for the scholarship.

To be considered, you must first complete this online project proposal application.  The deadline to complete this form is Friday, June 1, 2018.

After submission, you will be notified if your project meets approval.  For it to be approved the project must show that service, impact and leadership will take place, and how the three factors will benefit the organization or community.  It must show a benefit to the organization that did not exist before the project. It must be realistic for the student to complete.  The student must identify a representative from the local government entity or non-profit organization or cause to serve as the verifier and evaluator of the project.

The deadline for completion of the project is August 6, 2018.

Project Beneficiary Contact Information (Name of local government institution, non-profit organization, or cause)

Robert D. Bennett Community Service Proposal

Project Description and Benefit

Giving Leadership

What materials, supplies, or tools will you need to complete this project? Exact quantities are not needed at this time, but for approval, you must show that you have a reasonable idea of what will be required.
Note that property owners must normally secure permits. Will you need to secure permissions or permits (i.e. building permits)? Who will obtain them? How much will they cost? How long will it take to secure them?
If you expect this project to cost money, please estimate how much. You will not be reimbursed for expenses. However, you may raise funds to cover any costs. Be sure to itemize any expected costs or fundraising. Add up total costs at the bottom. Total costs can include food, water, gasoline, parking, permits, equipment rental, sales tax, and things of that nature.
Think of your project in terms of phases and list what they might be. The first might be to complete your final plan. Others might include fundraising, preparation, execution, and reporting. You may have as many phases as you want, but it is not necessary to become overly complicated. Include phases in a numbered list up to fifteen.
How will you handle transportation of materials, supplies, tools, and helpers?
Describe the hazards and safety concerns you and your helpers should be aware of as this project is conducted.
List some action steps you will take to complete a final plan.
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