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Journeyman/Apprentice Knots & Lift (Questions and Answers)

Question:  Do we have to use the hand-over-hand method to lower the cross-arm?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  How far will the bell be from where we lift the cross-arm?

Answer:  The bell will be at the start/finish line which is located approximately 20' away from where you will lift cross-arm for Apprentice Event and approximately 50' away from where you lift the cross-arm for the Journeyman Teams.

Question:  Can the slack be pulled from the haul line part of the hand-line and lashed to the hitching post where the cross-arm will be lifted and lowered?

Answer:  Yes, during the 5:00 minute set-up time and given the cross-arm is still resting on the ground.

Question:  Do you have to park your crossover lanyard on your belt before proceeding to ring the bell?

Answer:  Yes, your secondary safety must be parked on your belt before proceeding to ring the bell. 

NOTICE:  Due to safety concerns, we have made some ammendments to the Knot & Cross-Arm Lift event.  Ammendments are as follows:

1.  For both the Apprentice and Journeyman divisions, the bell to stop time will be located at the hitching post.  Apprentices will ring the bell to stop time at the hitching post after completing the event.  For the journeyman teams, the last journeyman team member to complete the event will ring the bell to stop time at the hitching post  (For Journeyman Teams to avoid point deductions for ringing the bell too early, communication between Journeyman Team members will be critical in this process). 

2.  Secondary Lanyards DO NOT have to be removed before ringing the bell.

3.  All other descriptions and rules for this event still apply.

We apologize for the short notice, but we feel the ammendments made will prevent any accidents/injuries from occuring due to slips, trips, or falls.

Question:  Is the event time for the whole team or each individual man?

Answer:  For the apprentice division the event time is for the individual competitor.  For the journeyman division, the event time is for the team (time starts for the team on the judges signal and time stops when the last team member rings the bell).

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