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Journeyman Obstacle Course (Questions and Answers)

Question:  If we are not allowed to use a hand line, are we supposed to carry hardware in our hand when transferring to the other side of the cross arm? 

Answer:  Yes

Question: Will there be locknuts on the bolts?

Answer:  No.

Question:  Are the use of two fall arrests allowed (2 buck squeezes)?

Answer:  No, please refer to General Information and Competitors Rules

Question:  Will the groundman be required to wear rubber gloves while operating the extendo stick?

Answer:  No.

Question:  While doing the obstacle pole, can one foot be on the arm as long as one gaff is still in the pole? (Example: Crossing over the arm)

Answer:  No, the cross-arm is designed to support arm mounted equipment and not the weight of the climber.  All pole mounted material and hardware shall not be used for human support.

Question:  Can a fuse cup be used to remove and install the fuse barrel in the fuse cut-out?

Answer:  Yes, any device intended for that use by the manufacturer may be used to remove and install the fuse barrel. 

Question:  On the Journeyman Obstacle Course, are the arms on each side of the pole or are all on the same side of the pole?

Answer:  The bottom and top arm are on the same side of the pole with the middle arm on the opposite side of the pole. 

Question:  Will large cross arm braces be used on all of the arms on the obstacle pole?

Answer:  The braces used on the obstacle course events will be the small braces utilized for 8’ arms. The dimensions of those braces are 60” with a 18” drop.  The brace length is 36" from end to end.

Question:  Can the stick touch the ground and the groundmans body when opening and closing the cutout?

Answer:  The extendo stick is a hot line tool that is not allowed to touch the ground. The use of a tarp would prevent this from being a point deduction. I don’t see an issue with contact with the groundman under our current rule of operation. 

Contact with ground :  no

Contact with groundman  :  yes

Question: What pole material/hardware will have washers?

Answer:  The drop in pin will be equipped with a square flat washer and a nut.

Question:  Will the L brackets both have nuts on them or will only one have a nut that is transferred to the other L bracket along with the switch?

Answer:  The L brackets will only be equipped with a nut on one bracket and the cutout and nut will have to be transferred to the other bracket.

Question:  Does the groundman have to wear rubber gloves while opening the fuse barrel?

Answer:  No.

Question:  Will the extendo stick be provided?

Answer:  No.  All live line tools and cover-up must be provided by the competitors unless otherwise stated in the event description.

Question:  Can you leave the secondary rope around the pole as long as your weight is on the fall arrest belt?

Answer:  No.  Refer to General Information and Competitor Rules (Infractions - Rule #26)

Question:  During the obstacle course event, can the stick be extended while the last man is climbing, ready to hang the fuse or have the fuse hung?

Answer:  Yes the stick can be ready to hang the fuse while the last man is climbing, but if the stick interferes with the last climber while extending, a point violation will occur.  However the fuse cannot be hung until the the last climber's feet have reached the ground. 

Question:  Can the groundman extend the extendo stick out before the second climber comes to the ground?

Answer:  Read previous answer.


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