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Journeyman Hurtman Rescue (Questions and Answers)

Question:  Is it required to tie a rope around the mannequins' feet for the groundman to assist with tagging?

Answer:  No

Question:  Can the mannequin touch the ground before setting them on the tarp?

Answer:  No part of the mannequins' body, clothing, or safety may touch the ground outside the tarp at any point during the event.

Question:  During the hurt-man rescue, will the climber or the groundman be letting the dummy down once he's tied off?

Answer:  The climber or the groundman may assist in letting the dummy to the ground.

Question:  What size tarp will be in between the two poles on the hurt-man event?

Answer: 8' x 10', oriented with the 10' width between the poles.  This will leave roughly 1'-3" from the edge of the tarp to the center of the poles on each side.

Question:  What is the script for the "mayday call"?


Emergency, Emergency.

This is (Your name or radio call ID)

We are on the Conway-Myrtle Beach 115kv line, at TEFIS- 110308

And need EMS to 2050 Highway 501.

2 Men injured up the pole, rescue in progress.


Question:  After the dummy is down does the climbers have to bring the rope down or just come down?

Answer:  No.

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