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Journeyman Crossarm Change (Questions and Answers)

Question: Which way will the bolts be facing going through the arm and braces?

Answer:  Both bolts will be inserted from the opposite side of the pole from the arm and may remain in the pole during change-out.


Question:  Will the crossarm have to be covered-up while tying and untying?

Answer:  No, but please refer to General Information and Competitor Rules on the website.

Question:  Does the primary have to be covered up while untying, as long as it's covered up before floating?

Answer:  No, but please refer to General Information and Competitors Rules

Question:  On the journeyman crossarm change out, do both climbers climb at same time or do they alternate, one go up and take down, and other hang the arm?

Answer:  Both climbers will be required to work atop the pole to comply with Rule #6 in the event description, but only one climber may ascend and descend at a time (Section B - Rule #14 in General Information and Competitors Rules).

Question: Can the neutral be unpinned and floated when going above it or will we have to use our secondary safety to cross ?

Answer:  No.  the secondary safety must be used to cross the neutral.

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