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Journeyman Crossarm Change (Questions and Answers)

Question: Which way will the bolts be facing going through the arm and braces?

Answer:  Both bolts will be inserted from the opposite side of the pole from the arm and may remain in the pole during change-out.


Question:  Will the crossarm have to be covered-up while tying and untying?

Answer:  No, but please refer to General Information and Competitor Rules on the website.

Question:  Does the primary have to be covered up while untying, as long as it's covered up before floating?

Answer:  No, but please refer to General Information and Competitors Rules

Question:  On the journeyman crossarm change out, do both climbers climb at same time or do they alternate, one go up and take down, and other hang the arm?

Answer:  Both climbers will be required to work atop the pole to comply with Rule #6 in the event description, but only one climber may ascend and descend at a time (Section B - Rule #14 in General Information and Competitors Rules).

Question: Can the neutral be unpinned and floated when going above it or will we have to use our secondary safety to cross ?

Answer:  No.  the secondary safety must be used to cross the neutral.

Question:  When removing and reinstalling the arm will incidental  contact with the phase be allowed as long as the contact point is a covered point on the phase? (Ex. If the arm brushes the hose while it’s on the floated phase during removal or reinstalling the arm)

Answer:  Yes – but incidental contact only.

Question:  Can the phases be placed on the arm once untied and covered?

Answer:  The phases can be placed on the arm, but a second layer of cover up must be used.

Question:  Will new ties be issued to each team at the beginning of this event?  If so are we allowed to say headache and drop the old ties out or do we have to send them down on the hand line?

Answer:  Yes new ties will be issued along with rubber grommets.  No material may be dropped from the pole at any time.  Please Refer to General Info and Competitor Rules on the website.

Question:  Will one hose per phase be acceptable cover up while changing the arm?

Answer:  Please refer to Genral Information and Competitor Rules pertaining to improper cover-up and contact with energized phases.

Question:  Do two points of control have to be continued after untying or until wire is floated?  Such as while moving a phase?

Answer:  No, as long as positive control is maintained.

Question:  Is the cross-arm a true 4" x 5" arm?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Can you carry preform tie's up on your belt if they are in a bag?

Answer:  Yes, in a glove bag or sleeve bag.



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