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Journeyman 600A Switch Change (Questions and Answers)

Question:  When verifying the operation of the underhung disconnect switch, can we do that by hand or with a stick?

Answer:  By hand if it is done before the switch is energized.

Question:  Will proper cover-up be provided for this event?

Answer:  Journeyman Teams will provide their own cover-up.

Question:  Are there any minimum requirements for the mechanical jumpers to be used?

Answer:  Minimum requirements are 1/0 extra stranded copper

Question:  Will a spec be given out for this event?

Answer:  Yes, please continue to check the website until it is posted.

Question:  Does the primary have to be covered with a hose/eel while replacing the switch or is a blanket with the permanent jumper folded underneath considered enough cover?

Answer:  Refer to General Information and Competition Rules located on the website. 

Note:  600 Amp Switch Change Out Spec has been posted (February 19, 2018)

Question:  On the 600 Amp Switch Replacement, are we able to take the paddles off with our rubber gloves?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Once mechanical is installed can we open switch by hand?

Answer:  The switch can be opened/closed by hand only after permanent jumpers are removed (de-energized).

Question:  Can mechanical jumper with sticks bolted to it be used? and left hanging?

Answer:  Mechanical jumpers manufactured with permanently installed hot sticks may be used as designed, however, modified tools will not be allowed.

Question:  Can the groundman be operating an extendo stick while the climbers are climbing?

Answer:  No.

Question:  Will the bolts be facing up or down on the two hole paddles?

Answer:  The bolts will be facing down.

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