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General Questions and Answers

Question: Where will the Judges Meeting be held?

Answer: HG Technical College, Building 300, Room 110 at 10:00am on Friday, March 16th.

Question: Are we allowed to pull material up on the hand line or do we have to use a bag for everything?

Answer: You do not have to utilize a bag when sending items up or down on the hand line.

Question: After crossing the neutral can I climb with the fall arrest belt and have my secondary lanyard around the pole also?

Answer: No

Question: Is it ok to climb with the fall arrest and secondary lanyard around the pole?

Answer: No

Question: What size poles are used?

Answer: 40’ class 4

Question: If the man climbing is moving his safety from above or below and obstacle, can another man be climbing, or is that considered working?

Answer: If the fall arrest is in place and the secondary is being moved, the other climber can be climbing.

Question: Do climbers have to wear work gloves when putting on climbing tools in all events?

Answer: Yes. (See General Rules, 2-point Infraction #24)

Question: Time starts without tools on in all events, correct?

Answer: False. Tools can be put on during setup time in all events *EXCEPT Hurt-man Rescue.

Question: What size wire will be used for all of the events?

Answer: All primary and neutral conductors will be #2 AAAC.

Question: May the shotgun stick be left hanging on a hot-line clamp?

Answer: No. See General Rules: Two-Point Infraction #27

Question:  Are Channel Locks an acceptable means of tightening hardware?

Answer:  No.  Channel Locks shall not be used for tightening hardware for any rodeo event. (Examples of Acceptable tools for tightening and loosening hardware: Adjustable Wrench, Socket, Etc...)

Question:  Are the use of two fall arrest allowed (2-bucksqueezes)?

Answer: No, please refer to General Information and Competitors Rules. 

Question:  What size tarp do we need and does it have to be around the pole during the event?

Answer:  No specific size is required, but a 10' x 10' or 10' x 12' works well (larger if you will have a bunch of gear or hot sticks to lay out).  The tarp will need to have some way to stake it to the ground.  No it does not necessarily have to go around the pole.

Question: Define "reach fall"?

Answer:  If you can reach or fall into an energized object with an unprotected part of your body, cover the energized object.

Question: Can the neutral be unpinned and floated when going above it or will we have to use our secondary safety to cross ?

Answer:  No,  the secondary safety must be used to cross the neutral.

Question:  Can the second climber have his bucksqueeze on the pole while the first climber is climbing?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Will there be point deductions if the handline goes out of the circle?

Answer:  No



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