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Apprentice Obstacle Course (Questions and Answers)

Question:  If we are not allowed to use a hand line, are we supposed to carry hardware in our hand when transferring to the other side of the cross arm? 

Answer:  Yes

Question: Will there be locknuts on the bolts?

Answer:  No.

Question:  Are the use of two fall arrests allowed (2 buck squeezes)?

Answer:  No, please refer to General Information and Competitors Rules

Question:  While doing the obstacle pole, can one foot be on the arm as long as one gaff is still in the pole? (Example: Crossing over the arm)

Answer:  No, the cross-arm is designed to support arm mounted equipment and not the weight of the climber.  All pole mounted material and hardware shall not be used for human support.

Question:  Will large cross arm braces be used on all of the arms on the obstacle pole?

Answer:  The braces used on the obstacle course events will be the small braces utilized for 8’ arms. The dimensions of those braces are 60” with a 18” drop.  The brace is 36" from end to end.

Question:  On the arm with the suspension insulator, will the competitor move just the insulator, or the eye bolt and insulator?

Answer:  Just the suspension insulator.  There will be an eye bolt on the oppositte side of the arm for attaching the suspension insulator.

Question:  How will the arrestor bracket be turned? Will it be placed upside down?

Answer:  The bracket will be arranged with the flat part even with the bottom of the arm.  In other words, the arrestor will not extend above the top of the arm. 

Question:  Will there be a washer on the bottom of the arrestor or just nut for the ground?

Answer:  Just a nut.

Question:  Does the time start when the climbers gaff hits the pole?

Answer:  Yes.  This is also stated in the event description for the Apprentice Obstacle course.


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