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Apprentice Hurtman Rescue (Questions and Answers)

Question:  Why is the apprentice hurt-man rescue a rubber glove event and the journeyman hurt-man rescue a leather glove event?

Answer:  The Journeyman Hurt-Man Rescue event is simulated de-energized and ground, where as the Apprentice Hurt-Man Rescue event is not.

Question:  Can the climber headache his hammer after driving the screwdriver in the pole?

Answer:  No, hammer must be placed back in the climber's belt.

Question:  Does the screwdriver have to be removed from the pole before descending to the ground?

Answer:  No, the bucket operators will remove the screwdriver after the completion of the event.

Question:  Will work gloves be required while setting out equipment(belt, hooks, fall arrest, etc..) and putting on equipment(belt, hooks, fall arrest, etc...) for the hurtman rescue event?

Answer:  No, refer to General Info and Competitor Rules - Infractions - Rule #24

Question:  How high above the neutral will the dummy be hanging?

Answer:  The mannaquins' fall arrest belt will be directly above the neutral.  You will not have to cross the neutral to perform the hurtman rescue.

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